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Hello World and welcome to my blog – Pink Cigars!!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Rosario – yep that’s a Spanish name, my mom and her family are from Argentina but I grew up in the USA. My friends call me Rosa or Rosie for short and you can too if you like 😛 Heres a fun fact for you, the word rosa is Spanish for pink which is one of my nicknames and the main reason how I got the name for the blog – Pink Cigars. Connecting my favorite color with one of my favorite activities – smoking cigars! This blog is going to be all about being a female in the cigar smoking world, things I’ve learnt along the way and some really cool accessories I’ve tried.

Breaking Tradition

If you read through any text or anything for the ‘good ole days’ you’ll know that females smoking cigars was taboo and seriously frowned upon! This dates way back to the 20th century and probably even earlier than that. A woman smoking in a public place whether a cigar or a cigarette was looked down upon and considered a prostitute or stripper.

Cue the 50’s and the movie ‘Gigi’ where a young girl Gigi is groomed to be an ‘ideal woman’. Through her lessons she is taught to select, unwrap and cut a cigar – but then offer it to her escort as opposed to smoking it herself. Yet another gender stereotype – woman are meant to appreciate and revere in cigars but never smoke them.

I don’t know when the turn came but I’m glad it did! More than that- I’m thankful that I live in a time where females can more or less do whatever the hell we like!! So if you are deciding whether cigar smoking is for you, do yourself a favor and give it a try!

Female Cigar Smokers

There are many great websites and groups out there to join and be a part of the female cigar community!

For females it’s more or less the same as males in terms of etiquette. Be mindful of where you light a cigar, be considerate of other- non cigar smokers. Always be mindful of ashing your cigar and dispose of your cigar butts properly.

Learn the correct techniques for storing cigars, cutting cigars, lighting cigars and of course smoking cigars!

Try as many cigars as you can! Each one is a journey in itself. Finally, follow my blog, leave comments, let’s discuss and share our tips.


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