Things every cigar smoker should know

There are 10 things every beginner cigar smoker should know. Now cigars are made from tobacco leaves, which is a painstaking process as it is done predominantly by hand. The flavor of the tobacco is not a result of additives like dye or preservatives. The laborers have passed down the art of changing the leaves of the plant to a perfectly rolled cigar.


It’s one of the 10 things every cigar smoker should know as it’s very important criteria when choosing a quality cigar. It is careful to note that cigar smoking is an act that varies from person to person. Every cigar smoker should know that cigars are all natural from the tree to the final rolled product. The experience varies from person to person just like the act of drinking wine. Some people like a thick ringed cigar with a specific strong flavor. Some persons may like a sweet chocolate taste or a little spice in their mouth after they smoke. The experience is huge and will take some experimenting to find the right product for you.

What makes up a cigar?

Unlike cigarettes which also contain tobacco, cigars are the leaves themselves that are rolled and smoked. Among 10 things every cigar smoker should know is the ability to identify all parts of a cigar. The cap of the cigar is a round piece of leaf attached to protect the wrapper. The head of the cigar is where the user places their mouth and pulls in the flavor and vapors of the wonderfully crafted product. The cigar band usually bears the name of the brand and would be removed once the cigar is removed from the humidor. The foot of the cigar is the area that is lit to start the wonderful smoking process.

Among 10 things every cigar smoker should know is that there are three types of fillers which are Ligero, Seco and Volado each taken from a different part of the plant. The Ligero is the top of the plant that is exposed to sunlight and bears a more flavorful product when rolled and put through the fermentation process. The Seco are taken from the middle of the plant which make them lighter in flavor and color. And Volado these are leaves taken from the lower part of the plant which are used for their tendency to be easily flammable.

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