How NOT to Light a Cigar here we go, confession # 1 time. The first time I lit a cigar was a complete and utter disaster. I don’t think it could’ve gone any worse. I puffed my way through the cigar thinking in my head ‘Yikes, I don’t think I’m going to enjoy this whole cigar thing’. I had completely ruined the taste of the cigar because I used a cheap, little bic lighter. ROOKIE MISTAKE!! So I decided to write this post to save you the horrible experience of smoking a cigar that hasn’t been lit correctly.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Bic Lighters

It may seem like a good idea but these lighters should only be used for cigarettes. Why? Well the fuel used in these lighters is pretty crappy and you can never be sure if they use butane fuel or not. If you don’t have butane fuel the residue from the cheap fuel transfers over to your cigar which completely messes with the taste.

Not only this but the flame that is produced from a bic lighter is weak and won’t really light the cigar evenly and properly. Even worse- you may end up putting the cigar into the flame which is NOT advised.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Sulfur Matches or Candles

More or less the same problem will arise from using those small, common matches. As these are made with sulfur the matches once lit changes the flavor of cigars immensely. Judging by the bad smell that these matches produce, I would say the flavor the cigar would take on would be disgusting!

Candles also have a residue in the wax which can translate over as well. Just don’t even try!

How To Light a Cigar – The Correct Way

Basically  you should only light a cigar in 3 different ways. The most popular and common is a butane torch lighter, the second is with cigar matches and the third is a very traditional with cedar spills. The key thing with all of these is that they burn odorless meaning your cigar won’t take on any strange flavors or aromas.

Butane Torch Lighters

There are honestly SO many lighters out there to choose from. I seem to be buying them all the time! Butane torch lighters as the name suggests have a powerful torch flame and burn with butane making it a clean, odorless burn. If you ask me what the best cigar lighter of 2018 is I would have to say the Black Monarch Lotus lighter. This baby just oozes class and functions very well. This lighter is a single flame jet and is wind resistant. I find that many people prefer the double flame torch lighters but this one works well for me so far.

Cigar Matches

These MUST be special matches purposely designed for cigars. They are longer than the normal style matches and are made with phosphorous as opposed to sulfur. No smell or residue is left over from these matches, making them a safe way to to light a cigar. They can be a bit tiresome and slow to use so I tend to only use cigar matches on special occasions when I want to be traditional.

Cedar Spills

Now these are something I would love to get my hands on!!! I really ought to order myself some for Christmas and then let you all know how they go!

Cedar strips are incredibly traditional but they are essentially a strip of wood that you light which then is used to light the cigar. They look really cool but I’m sure they would be slow and a little difficult to use. But the cool thing is they are no chemicals, no fuel, no butane, no phosphorous and no sulfur which would appeal to the cigar aficionados out there.


Overall I just wanted to share this post to let you know the ways to NEVER light a cigar and then the best ways you can light a cigar. I hope you can learn from my mistake – save yourself the destroyed cigar and bad experience!

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