Golfing and Cigars

If you love cigars and also play golf there is a big chance you will combine them on the golf course! On this site we mostly focus on the joys of smoking a great cigar but rarely we talk about combing them both. So here goes.

Golfing and Cigars

Unlike a lot of other sports golf is one that does not require a full on cardio work out. In short it means you can have a swing and also enjoy a great cigar or many! Having never really been a golfer myself I actually just bought a set of lady golf clubs (Callaway Strata set to be exact). And although I am no professional golfer I am having a lot of fun.

So aside from the golf a few holes in it is really nice to have a a cigar. Super nice in fact and apparently I am not the only one as there is a big market for golf cigar holders out there. It is also super normal to do it and even have a few drinks of whisky with it. So although golf is not really my game, I think I will be on the course more and more often and likely with a few good cigars and maybe some whisky! haha

Cigar Minder Clip

For me the best value for money I could find for a Cigar holder while playing golf was the cigar minder clip which very simple yet did the job perfectly. The clasp uses light pressure springs which in turn prevents any damage to the wrapper. when I had a look on amazon I noted that there was close to 500 customer reviews and nearly all of them had four and a half stars.

It can be clipped onto almost anything, the golf bag, the golf cart and is an essential for your bag. Overall worked like a dream for me!

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