Cutting a Cigar

One of the most fragile and precious stages of preparing your cigars! It is really easy to stuff this step up so make sure you practise first on cheaper cigars OR make sure you have the best equipment for the job. I know there are plenty of resources out there that can tell you all about cigar cutters so I will re-iterate the information from one of my favorite sites and the post they shared about the Top 12 Best Cigar Cutters in 2019 on the market.

Do I Really Need a Cigar Cutter?

YES. 120% yes. Yes Yes Yes. Even if you are a complete newbie you must have the right tools for the job. If and when used correctly you can expect a nice, well cut cigar that in turn translates to a positively awesome smoking experience.

Types of Cigar Cutters

There are 3 main styles of cutters you can choose from -guillotine cutters, v cut cutters and cigar scissors. There are also cigar punches but they work differently. Guillotine cutters are the easiest to use of the 3 but it is always fun to try new methods out.

Guillotine Cutters

As the name suggests these cutters work exactly like a guillotine. One clean, precise slice straight through the cigar. These are by far the most popular cutters on the market and all for good reason. You can buy these as single or double blade which is either one blade or 2 which met in the middle. I find that the double blades leave more room for error so I like the single blade cutters personally. My personal favorite is the Xikar Cutter, anything by that company is awesome!

V Cutters

A little more tricky to use but definitely still a popular choice. A v cut cutter makes a bit of a wedge in the cigar as opposed to a clean slice. If you don’t get it right you can really struggle to smoke the cigar. it can also be tricky to not completely take off the cap which will ruin the cigar. So if you do choose to use a v-cut cutter then make sure you get one with really sharp blades.

Cigar Scissors

These look cool yet can be rather challenging to use! If you plan to smoke cigars that are above a ring gauge of say 58 then you really have no choice but to use scissors! As you need to be swift with your motions you also need to make sure the blades are incredibly sharp otherwise yep you guessed it – your cigar will be ruined.

Punch Cutters

A good option for those who travel with their cigars. You can easily just clip the punch onto your car keys they are that small and compact! They work by creating a small home in the end of the cigar. You push the end of the punch and a very sharp, circular blade comes out and breaks through the cigar. They can only really be used for cigars up to ring gauge 50 so keep that in mind. The hole needs to be big enough to draw smoke through so you may need to do a few punches in the end to make the hole the right size.


I hope you have gathered through this post how important it is to use a cigar cutter! They are key to ensuring you can draw adequate smoke through the cigar and enjoy it fully! If you are a complete beginner then definitely try to use a guillotine cutter to start off. Feel free to share your experiences in the comments 🙂 x


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