Can a cigar go stale and lose its flavor?

To answer the question can cigars go stale and lose their flavor, you need to understand the question. Generally, the process of preparing tobacco takes a lot of destemming and drying and boiling and fermenting. The main factor however on flavor is all dependent on the labor and the soil type the plant is cultivated with. Now Zino Davidoff invented a pocket humidor that maintains a specific climate of the cigar.

Humidors are important

The cigar is comprised of dried leaves which is not maintained at a specific temperature range the fermentation process then the question is arises can cigars go stale and lose their flavor? Yes, if 65 – 70 degrees is not maintained. Just as win collectors do cigars can be aged accordingly to increase the flavor, similarly if cigars are not kept within the designated humidity range they will see the fermentation process begin to stop and after approximately two months lose their flavor. So, to answer the question can cigars go stale and lose their flavor? Yes, once you don’t have a proper humidor. There is a pocket humidor which act as a warmer for the cigar and there are stationary chambers that serve the same purpose of preserving the finely crafted cigar.

How to make a cigar?

Can cigars go stale and lose their flavor? Yes, if the blender has not taken enough time to master their craft. Blender or master cigar makers spend several years perfecting their technique of rolling and plant selection to get a desire flavor and color. Now the master cigar maker or “Blender” can select plants from different regions and add them together for a specific flavor. However, there is still a question can a cigar can go stale and lose their flavor.

It’s only at first glance it seems that making a cigar is a trifle. It is enough to sow tobacco, harvest, dry the collected leaves and twist the cigar. In fact, the production of cigars requires hundreds of different manipulations, each of which is handled by a narrow specialist. These are details on how to make a cigar in industrial production and at home.

Good cigars can be made only from high quality tobacco. Therefore, large tobacco corporations do everything possible for this: cross different varieties, apply intensive technologies of cultivation, monitor the quality of the seed. Breeders claim that the breeding of a new variety takes an average of 15 years.

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