Bolivar cigars review

This Bolivar cigar review is for the newcomers that are new in the world of cigars, process of making and the general composition of the product. The Cigar is mainly comprised of three types of tobacco leaves; the wrapper, filler and binder. The wrapper is the part of the cigar that is most visible as a finished product. It defines the flavor and color of the cigar and generally gives the cigar its own identity. The filler is the center of the cigar which is generally several tobacco leaves wrapped together. Then there are the binders which are the leaves that hold the fillers and wrappers together. It is important to also note that there are three types of fillers; ligero, seco, volado each originating from a different part of the tobacco plant.


The Bolivar cigar review is important when you need to know that Bolivar Cigars were named from the South American freedom fighter Simon Bolivar originating in Cuba. Bolivar Cigars are distributed by the state-owned Cigar company; Habanos SA. Bolivar Cigars are among the top-rated cigars across the cigar aficionado world. In fact, the website has listed 165 cigars from the brand all receiving 93 points on 100-point rating scale. Credit to cigar basics 101 for unveiling the details on the cigar aficionado rating system.

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Reading this Bolivar cigar review, you’ll learn that Bolivar cigars generally fall into the top categories named as “Very good to excellent”, “Outstanding”, “Classic”.


The maximum rating is 100 according by

Classic – 95-100, Outstanding – 90-94, Very good to excellent, Average to good commercial quality 70-79, Don’t waste your money – 0-69 points.

The critics allocate points as follows; Appearance (15 points), Flavor (25 points), Overall experience (35 points.

From the above description one can only deduce that Bolivar cigars are obviously worth the money. To check the tasting note of a few cigars from the bolivar brand.

Bolivar Royal Corona (93 points) originating from Cuba has medium to full body, a ring type of 50/64 of an inch, size listed as robusto and flavor is spicy chocolate licorice. The price is 14 pounds.

Bolivar Belicoso fino (89 points) originating from Cuba has a ring size 52/64 of an inch, taste is that of an oily belicoso with a strong earthy core and a price of 17 pounds.

If you are interested in this type of cigars, just read this Bolivar cigar review and find all about.

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